We will gladly keep you updated about the latest news about roofs and the ins and outs of Bové.

Packaging and recycling

Slater's packs

Slater’s tubs consist of 2 bags of 1000 nails and 1000 disc rivets. We have combined these for your convenience. As from now we have Slater’s packs, which are the same sets but they come in a special cardboard box. These are much better for the environment, as they are made from recycled material. The special boxes are splash-proof, have spacious handles, a resealable lid and are extra sturdy. When you’re thinking of ordering tubs, why not order some packs as a trial order and help us to reduce plastic waste.

Solar panels

At Bové main production

We have recently fitted solar panels on our roof tops at Bové main production plant. There are 724 of them in total and they generate 250,000+ kw/h power every year. An average household uses between 3000 to 3500 km/h power per year. Due to the angle at which they are placed, they give a high efficiency. We use 85% of the power for the factory where we run the machines that make our products. In this way we contribute to the environment and lower our CO2 footprint. We still have room to grow and still be self-sufficient.